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With over 28 years of taking part in the context of IRAN’s industry, today it is time to reform ourselves into multi-lateral and export-oriented inspection company, owing to the engineering and industrial seniority of our freshly joined stakeholders. 

Now the backbone of TAEED is concreted due to the cooperation of three well-versed and recognized leaders in variant sectors of IRAN’s industries. This synergy will assure us of our highest target of reaching out to the globe and bringing about more of Authenticity through the gamut of TIC industry.


With age-long project management experiences at the top of the heights of IRAN’s industries and decades of playing a major role in IRAN’s inspection industry in the course of erection of giant and prominent plants in the following industries; we look forward to transfer all our values and accomplishments to the future generation through this specialized, ethical and export oriented platform, TAEED.

Industries include steel, non-ferrous metals and mining industries, water-treatment, dams and power industries, oil-gas-petrochemical industries and vehicles and railway industries


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  • Address: No. 14, Edalat Street, Yasman Square, Daneshjoo Boulevard, Daneshjoo Blvd., Tehran
  • Phone: 021 22431390
  • Fax: 021 22431356
  • Email: taeed@taeedint.com